Our stand for your protection from Covid-19

Our patient, doctor, and staff’s safety is our utmost priority. We are carefully assessing and reviewing the situation daily to make sure we are up-to-date with the most recent guidelines and procedures. We also shall be providing appropriate guidance to patients as and when required. Please be cautious and follow the protective measures set out while attending our clinics, so you and your loved ones stay safe.

If you are visiting us at our clinic for an appointment, please abide by the following safety measures to help us ensure your and our doctors’ safety:

1.   Please not to bring anyone with you to the appointment unless you need assistance. This is to minimise the number of people in the clinic at any time.

2.   While you are visiting us, please wear a jacket that can be removed, and sanitised or wiped down easily.

3.   We ensure your safety by disinfecting and sanitising the bells, handles and other frequently contacted surfaces. We take special care to sanitise doorknobs every time you touch them.

4.    While you are in the clinic, please put your hands in your pockets and maintain at least 1m distance with other people as much as possible.

5.  On arrival at the clinic, please ensure you have your face mask on and that you sanitise your hands with the hand sanitiser provided by us at the front desk.

6.    When you enter our clinic, you will be checked for body temperature as a safety measure.

7.    If possible, you will be directed straight to the consultation room, to prevent client interactions.

8.    Kindly remove your jacket before you enter our consultation room.

9.    We will provide you with personal safety equipment that includes a scrub top, face mask (if you do not have one), and a hairnet once you are in the treatment room to avoid contamination.

10.    We make sure that our doctor and staff follow a strict hygiene protocol while interacting with you to ensure your safety which is our priority.

11.    After the consultation, please sanitise your hands by sanitisers provided by us at the front desk.

12.    We encourage you to use contactless payment options like bank transfer or card payments.

13.    We urge you to sanitise your hands while you enter or make an exit from our clinic.

Do inform our reception in advance if you or anyone in your family suffered or is showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Essential for patients

Our administrative team will keep you informed by phone if there are changes in future appointments. Please note that we are still experiencing some delays in arranging X-ray and MRI scan appointments due to COVID-19 backlog in hospitals and clinics.

You will continue to be able to contact our staff and the medical team by phone, email, all social media channels, including Facebook messenger, to request more information or book appointments or treatments.

We would like to thank you for your understanding during these extraordinary circumstances.


For the most up to date information about Medica Pain Management Clinics, please check our website or give us a call from the UK on 020 8168 2000 or Ireland on 01 298 8000 or request a call back.

Take care,

Medica Pain Management Team