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Orthobiologic Treatments

Orthobiologic treatments offered at Medica Pain Management clinics are non-surgical, minimally invasive injection-based safe treatments to relieve joint pain and fasten the recovery process of ligament and sports injury. The procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in an outpatient setting and only takes a few hours to complete. Orthobiologic treatments can be an alternative to surgery in many cases.

Medica Pain Management specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for injury treatment and joint pain management, like knee, hip or shoulder pain. We use ortho-biologic material obtained from the patient’s own body to help regenerate and heal the injury or damaged area.

Orthobiologic treatments may be an alternative to conventional treatment methods like surgery, pain medication, or even a combination of both in many cases. While pain medication and surgery have their uses, it is often overused and sometimes unnecessary and can have many undesired side effects. Patients suffering from pain can also be at risk of depending too heavily on pain relief medication. However, any temporary pain relief does not come from tackling the cause of pain.

On the other hand, Orthobiologic treatment offers a more natural approach where your own cells are used to treat the injury, thus eliminating the side effects, accelerating the healing, regenerating tissue and combating pain. Utilising several Orthobiologic treatment protocols will ultimately help initiate the self-healing cycle in the injured part of the body, and the result is pain relief. Orthobiologic treatments are an alternative option that continues to be proven successful, not only by researchers and scientists but also by doctors who utilise this treatment for various conditions, including chronic pain from osteoarthritis and arthritis and avoiding knee or hip replacement surgery.

Physiotherapy and an improved diet combined with Orthobiologic treatments can achieve more advanced results. Also, addressing biomechanical issues can improve the overall joint alignment, thus resolving any underlying problems that may contribute to your joint’ pain.

At Medica Pain Management, we have gone one step further and are offering fully inclusive treatment packages in selected clinics. Orthobiologic treatment, physiotherapy, nutritional advice and an orthotic assessment are included in the fixed price packages. We are committed to helping people overcome insufferable chronic joint pain, restoring their mobility and function, and improving their quality of life.

Orthobiologic Treatment Benefits

Orthobiologic treatments are non-surgical, minimally invasive same-day procedures with minimal recovery time, minimal worry and no risk of rejection. You are ready to go home within a few hours after injections in the affected area.

No surgery and no associated risks and complications

Orthobiologic treatment is a non-surgical injection-based procedure. It is minimally invasive and gives the patient an alternative to surgery and a lengthy recovery. It only takes a few hours, and the procedure is performed in an outpatient setting. Only local anaesthesia is required, and most patients don’t need post-procedure pain medication. Patients usually return to work within a few days, and they may resume physical activity much faster than after invasive surgery.

Shorter rehabilitation and downtime

One of the most time-consuming factors of any injury is usually not the treatment itself but the recovery time. There is far less risk involved with Orthobiologic treatment than surgery, and recovery time is much shorter than surgery.

Only local anaesthesia used; no general anaesthesia required

General anaesthesia can make some people feel uneasy or anxious. And Orthobiologic treatments may be just what you need as it only uses local anaesthesia and does not require general anaesthesia, where you are being “put under”. Orthobiologic treatment provides an increasingly effective, safe, non-surgical alternative to treating common conditions using the body’s own natural ability to repair itself without medication.

Same-day procedure

Orthobiologic treatments are outpatient same-day procedures, where the doctor will decide which line of treatment is most suitable for your case. You will be able to travel home almost immediately after the injections are done. However, in some instances, the treatment may be a combination of more than one treatment protocol or the complete protocol may be a series of injections in several treatment sessions.

Safe treatments with no communicable disease transmission and no risk of rejection

As you undergo an autologous transplant, your immune system has no reason to attack it, making this much safer method than any other outside source treatments. The risk of contracting a transmittable infectious disease from a donor patient is non-existent for the same reason. Thus far, studies have indicated no safety issues with autologous (from yourself) cells. The risk of rejection is also eliminated as they are your cells, thus making a safe therapy.

The increased risk of heart attack is not present with Orthobiologic treatments either, as found to be associated with hip and knee replacement surgery. There is a slight risk of infection at the sample collection and the injection site like any other procedure. Therefore, the procedure is carried out under strict sterile conditions to minimise that risk.

Your Treatment Journey Step By Step

Firstly you will require an assessment by a Medica Pain Management consultant to determine if you are a qualified candidate for an Orthobiologic treatment. To do so, you may schedule a clinic appointment or a virtual consultation. The choice of the treatment protocol is based on your unique case at the consultant’s discretion.

Following the consultation, the most suitable treatment protocols will be presented to you if you are deemed a qualified candidate. However, each Orthobiologic treatment session is a same-day procedure and only takes a few hours to complete. It is performed in an outpatient setting with local anaesthesia, and you will be able to travel home almost immediately after the injection is performed.

After the Orthobiologic treatment protocol has been completed, you will be required to attend several follow up appointments. The number of follow up appointments will depend on the treatment protocol you received.

In case of a full treatment package, you will be required to keep up with physiotherapy sessions and nutritionist appointments. In some instances, an orthotic assessment may also be required.

Expectations After Orthobiologic Treatment And Results

Patients may not feel the injections’ effect immediately as this is an orthobiological treatment and requires time for the cells to restore the injured or damaged areas. Most patients, on average, will start to see signs of improvement in the form of pain reduction or increased function within 30 days.

Mild discomfort at the injection site may be present after the Orthobiologic treatment session, which should not be restrictive. The pain in the treatment area may persist for a day or two. This pain can be alleviated by rest, and if required, mild pain killers may be prescribed by the doctor.

A potent anti-inflammatory effect is typically seen. This is a result of naturally released growth factors associated with Orthobiologic treatments. The anti-inflammatory effect lasts from 2-3 months. From there on, you can see continued gradual improvement as the cells help provide healing to the affected area. Typically you may start to see noticeable results in 3 months. However, the Orthobiologic treatment outcome and extent of improvement vary from one patient to another depending on the age, lifestyle, comorbidities, type and severity of the condition treated and other factors. Since this is a treatment where your body does all the healing, Medica Pain Management cannot guarantee the outcome (results) of Orthobiologic treatments.

Your progress reviews may extend up to 6 months following the procedure. During this period, you will be asked to keep an accurate record of your progress to compare it to your starting point.

The Scientific Research Behind The Orthobiologic Treatments

Several studies have been published in the Orthobiologics field, demonstrating positive results from Orthobiologic Treatments. These therapies have now been utilised in clinical practice to treat degenerative hips, knees, and shoulders for years and demonstrate outstanding results. Patients see improvements in mobility and cartilage quality as well as a marked reduction in pain. Several well-founded clinical trials have been conducted on Orthobiologic treatments for the management and treatment of chronic pain. These trials concerning treatments are widely published online (e.g. PubMed) and readily available for all to access. Orthobiologic treatments are proving to be both an effective and safe means of treating many conditions. These treatments allow the body to regenerate and heal in a way that was thought impossible before. Orthobiological technology provides a natural alternative to surgeries and medication, which may be more harmful and invasive.

Orthobiologic treatments quickly have become the first-line treatment for chronic pain, degenerative joint disease, like osteoarthritis and arthritis, providing a minimally invasive option to avoid invasive surgical repair.

Medica Pain Management Clinic offers safe, non-surgical Orthobiologic treatments for all joint pains like knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and many more conditions. Give us a call from the UK on 020 8168 2000, Ireland on 01 298 8000, UAE on 054 583 7070 or the US on (513) 8664111 to schedule your consultation with our doctor, request a call back or book a consultation online to see how we can help you!