Diabetic Foot Ulcer

In diabetic patients, wounds tend to heal more slowly and get worse faster.

Delayed treatment might result in serious complications particularly if secondary bacterial infection occurs. Delayed wound healing is directly related to uncontrolled blood sugar levels resulting in poor blood circulation and diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage in hands and feet).

An innovative approach to treatment of diabetic foot and ulcers is the use of Regenerative therapy which has demonstrated its ability in promoting healing through stimulating new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) and providing the extracellular matrix.

At Medica Pain Management we can offer you the revolutionary Regenerative Therapy in a one day procedure and under local anesthetics.

Your own mesenchymal cells are harvested as well as a simple blood sample both processed and prepared in no longer than a few hours to be re-injected locally around the wound area.

Early treatment with this regenerative therapy might prevent the catastrophic complication of limb amputation.