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Orthobiologic Treatments

About Medica Pain Management

Medica Pain Management Clinic specialises in providing comprehensive Orthobiologic treatments. The Medica Pain Management clinic follows best practice guidelines in applying the treatment for various conditions. Our team of highly-qualified and registered orthopaedic surgeons and doctors provide the best Orthobiologic treatments for musculoskeletal pains and injuries, joint pains, sports injury, managing arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms and other degenerative condition of joints that cause discomfort. All our doctors, consultants and orthopaedic surgeons are registered in their respective country’s Medical council, either the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK, the Irish Medical Council (IMC) or the Dubai Health Authority.

Medica Pain Management provides treatment for various medical conditions using the most up-to-date treatment protocols and equipment. Our clinic’s mission is to help patients get better in a safe, controlled, and friendly environment. We are committed to improving the body’s ability to heal using the most advanced Orthobiologic treatments to treat pain from common injuries and overcome degenerative conditions, allowing patients to regain focus on achieving personal goals.

Medica Pain Management team has successfully performed more than 10000 procedures using Orthobiologic treatments, and we have treated the majority of these patients via injections only. About 80 percent of procedures are treatments of a cartilage defect of larger joints with a success rate of about 85 percent. It means that 85 percent returned to the previous level of physical activity with no complaints or difficulties. The majority of the procedures are followed with orthopaedics, nutritional advice, and specific rehabilitation for the person through custom-defined physiotherapy.

Medica Pain Management Offers

Advanced Orthobiologic treatments to boost the body’s ability to heal naturally.

State of the art facilities and treatments designed to renew, repair and restore worn joints and ligaments, alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms and heal sports injuries.